Welcome to TZ Wedding Films, Manawatu boutique wedding videography service

Welcome to TZ Wedding Films

Welcome to TZ Wedding Films, a boutique wedding videography studio based in Palmerston North. We love, no no, super duper love, making emotional and moving wedding films for our clients. Wedding days are full of happiness, love, not to mention tears and laughters, and more importantly, the carefully chosen words to mark such a special day. It is always so much fun to bring all these elements together to tell the love stories of our clients, which are all different in their own unique ways.

We can sit here and bore you with all the technical details about equipment, software etc. Instead, we invite you to view some of our films below, as well as check out our latest wedding films here and the beautiful testimonials from around the world. If you would like to find out more about our services, please visit our wedding videography prices for more information.

We hope you enjoy our films and we hope to have the chance to share our love for wedding films with you over a cup of coffee or phone call.

Elena and Lachie exquisite wedding video in Taupo

These two lovebirds got married at a stunning spot on a hill in Taupo, surrounded by families and friends. This wedding film has certainly made many cried, and laughed around the world. This is certainly a great example of our Epic Wedding Film service, creating a beautiful and emotion journey about the love story of Elena and Lachie.

Anna and Jen heartful wedding film. Prepare some tissues ready.

We are so excited to share this Palmerston North wedding film of Anna and Jenna, whom tied the knot at Wakesfield Lodge. There were so many tears of joys on the day, especially during the beautiful wedding vows that Anna and Jenna wrote to each other. We hope you can feel the love and excitement on the day from everyone involved.

“Agree with all the above Binh is an absolute Master at what he does, mind blowing!”

“Totally Beautiful Many tears”

“OMG Lisa. I agree with everyone else it made me get goosebumps and teary eyed!! Such an amazing job with the videography”

Queenstown wedding photography of Mike and Katie on Roy Peak next to Glendhu Station

Awkward but social