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FAQ for wedding videography - Why do you need it?


Wedding videography is becoming more and more popular with each passing season. With the help of technology in both hardware and software, motion pictures artistry can now be used and infused into a wedding celebration. However, many brides are still uneasy about the need for wedding videography, especially as they would already have wedding photography to celebrate their day. Videography is another added cost to the budget that the couple would need to justify for. We have decided to put together this little FAQ to help with the decision making process.

Let's put it this way, our video clients have never regretted spending the money on their priceless memories. While many of our clients who did not get videography often mentioned that this was one of their biggest regret from their wedding.

Why is videography different to photography, and why do you need it on a wedding day?

Wedding days are full of memories, from the couples to everyone and everything that has been carefully chosen to be included for the big day. The day will go by so fast that it will be just be a blur, and hence the need for photography to capture as many moments as possible to help the couples to go back and relive the day. So where does videography come in?

Videography is like your wedding album, but in a moving format, where the wedding day is beautifully summarized into something that can easily be watched, relived, and shared. With the inclusion of music and where possible, voiced over audio, the video is an emotional and story telling presentation that can really help to bring you back to your big day.

Wedding photography is also a collection of individual images while video is a beautiful flow of memories, condensed into a short format that you can sit down with a glass of wine or a beer to enjoy.

When you think about your wedding anniversary, valentine, or even wanting to share your wedding with your children, the wedding video will always be the first, and likely to be the only thing, you will reach for to relive the day. We always say that in term of reusable value and the desire to go back and enjoy your day, wedding videos are much more useful than wedding photos.


Why is wedding videography so expensive?

In order to do a professional job that we want to share with our clients, wedding video jobs often require much more gear, from additional camera to professional sound equipment to drone. Editing is also much more intensive, especially for our wedding films where narrative and story lines are involved. The layout of the spoken audio and the chosen clips are painstakingly and carefully chosen to create a flow that truly reflects the day and the love story of the couples, as well as to enhance the emotional impact. We are quite proud to say that our films have created many happy tears from around the world.

If you want to analytically compare the cost of wedding video against photo, it would be a difficult task and would often come with the same conclusion that it wont be worth it. For photos, you would end up with hundreds of photos through out the day, while the video services would only give you a video or two, only  5-10 minutes in length.

However, wedding video is about memories, about the ability to bring you back to your day, long after it has happened. It allows you to relive all the emotions, the love, the laughter, the tears, all beautiful condensed and summarized.


How do I know wedding videography is right for me?

The easiest way to answer this question is to watch other people wedding videos, especially from great artists that put their heart and souls into each video that they create for the clients. If you feel moved, emotional, laugh and/or cry, and feel like you just been through a journey with the clients, and can see yourselves and your story in the videos, then wedding videography is definitely right for you. However, if you don't feel anything, then its best to save the money for other expenses for the big day.