Our Wedding Highlight Videos

Our highlight videos are designed to provide you with a beautiful and affordable option to capture your magical day. We don't record the full ceremony or the reception speeches, and thus we normally don't include a voice over narrative in the final highlight videos, unless a client request it as an extra service. This allows us to be much more efficient with time from the preparation before the day, through to the final post production work.

If you book photography with us as well, you will receive a 10% discount on our highlight video services, which has been very popular with our clients. We hope you can still feel the fun, the love, the atmosphere, and the unique story and journey of each wedding video.

For those who wish to see our full wedding films service, you can view them here.

Our Wedding Highlight+ Videos

Our Highlight+ service just goes a little further and includes from spoken words from the ceremony. Please note, a full ceremony recording service is required to allow us to have the necessary audio to be included in the final Highlight+ video.

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