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  • Kaitlin says:

    Another breathtaking film of a magical day. Absolutely love it

  • Janis and Ron White says:

    That was an amazing just lovely video, thank you for sharing. Such an awesome momentt for Sauba and Hayden to have of their wedding, love how “casual” it was, so personal, just the right mix of all aspects of the day. A wonderful video..

  • Wendy and Noel says:

    Lovely wedding and beautiful Shauna and Hayden. So lovely to see Andrew and Tania so happy to ❤❤❤

  • Jeff & Marie Reille says:

    An amazing video I’m still wiping my eyes as i type this, it is definetly going into my keep file.

  • Lovey says:

    Wow wat can I say beautiful brought tears to my eyes Kaitlin u got me good I wish u both lots love❤️️

  • Rae & Ian Petersen says:

    You captured the love in every section of the video beautifully, wiped my eyes a few times. Such a lovely wedding a stunning bride & groom Shauna & Hayden awesome you will have not only lifelong love but a forever treasure with this video. Thank you for sharing your special day All our Love Rae & Ian xxx

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