Wedding videography testimonials from our wedding clients

Wedding Videography Testimonials

One thing we do love about wedding videography is the ability to create a beautiful, emotional and powerful small presentation that will forever help our wedding clients to relive their days. Common feedback that we hear is that our wedding videos are watched much more often than the wedding images being viewed. This is the beauty of these videos, carefully crafted short presentations that best reflect the days, with movements, music, and in the case of our epic films, narratives that tell the unique love stories of each and every couple. Some meet on Tinder, some are love at first sight, and some are just by sheer determination to make it work.

This page is dedicated to the wonderful comments from others whom have viewed our wedding films, including our wedding videography clients.

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Olivia and Gerald

Pick Binh as your wedding photographer/videographer and you won’t be disappointed!
Binh and his lovely wife Lin worked wonders as a dynamic duo to capture absolutely stunning photos and video of our special day (in March 2019) that we will cherish forever.

We love that they managed to capture the overall emotion and feel of the day and all of those special little moments that could easily pass by unnoticed. Our photos and video really are beautiful and we love seeing our photos everyday as screensavers on our computers and phones. Binh has a knack for making everyone feel at ease with his cheerful and humorous banter, and really knows how to get the model shots even if you feel like an awkward teenager in front of the camera.

If you are undecided about getting a video made, just do it, you won’t regret it. If your budget can stretch to allow it, include audio recording. The words spoken on your wedding day are precious and so easily forgotten in the hype of the day, they really are worth capturing. Binh’s video of our day is gorgeous and edited with care to tell the story of our day in a way that still photos can’t. I get tears in my eyes whenever I watch our video and will treasure it for the rest of my life.

Not only are Binh and Lin skilled and professional artists they are great fun to have around on your wedding day. They know when and how to blend into the background and also how to boost the energy of the bridal party in order to get the most amazing natural looking photos. Binh was super helpful and easy to communicate with, which was essential when organising a wedding from another city.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to book Binh and Lin and highly recommend that you book them too.

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Maddie and Clayton

While we already knew Binh was absolutely incredible at photography after seeing him in action at a friends wedding early 2019, he has absolutely blown us away with his video he has made us for our wedding.

His team fit in to our day so seamlessly, and just stayed in the shadows and made us feel super comfortable on our day.

We even got to have a good laugh with them too so everything flowed naturally, although I’m not sure if they were laughing with us or at us and our silly antics, but they really lightened the mood!  Sometimes I felt a little sorry for them having to put up with us!

The video has captured so many special and emotional moments that you just don’t get to see in photos, and this just cemented that we definitely made the right decision to choose to get a video done, and an even better decision choosing Binh and his team to do so! We will treasure our video for a life time!

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Below are some of the audience reactions to our wedding films and wedding highlight videos.



"Agree with all the above Binh is an absolute Master at what he does, mind blowing!"

"Just watched the video... Cried, end of story. In my years of doing weddings you have to be the cutest, easy going, stress free bride ever. I want to thank you and your bridal party for making me feel party of the wedding morning festivities, and it truly was an honor to be part of your big day. Seeing you on camera... Wow! You and the girls, what can I say, flawless. That handsome best man in that video ..... Wow! I want his babies!!! xxxxxx"

"Awww that's this beautiful!! I sat in the car park at the super market watching this and cried like a baby haha. You looked stunning  xx"

"Omg crying my eyes out! That was so wedding video I've ever seen! You looked so stunning! Xxx"

"Awww this is beautiful. Sums up an amazing day so well! Love you both xxx (ps. yes I did shed a tear as you expected Sonita)"

"Amazing chicky! Brought a wee tear to my eye! What a special memory! X"

"Oh. And I did have a few tears as well. The best wedding video I have ever seen capturing so many special moments of the day. Stunning! X"

"Awesome video bro..Beryl crying next to me here...!!"

"Totally Beautiful Many tears"

"oh my gosh, im bawling ! how beautiful was that day!!"

"I was crying like a baby"

"made me cry so beautiful xxx"

"How beautiful,I shed a tear of happiness cousin,so awesome congratulations xxx"

"I cried as much today watching this video as I did on the day .... The most beautiful wedding of a gorgeous couple... Love you all xx"

"Hi Karen and Rob congratulations. What a beautiful video of your special day. I have tears in my eyes. Just gorgeous xx"

"Tears, laughter and smiles! What an amazing wedding video. Very well put together. xxxxx"

"Oh my goodness. That made me laugh and cry and burst with happiness for my Rucie. So cool."

"Couldnt stop smiling..A wonderful couple.Beautifully captured in a superbly done video."

"Okay, everyone said it was 'The perfect wedding' Luce but now I can see it was. Stunning bride and absolutely beautiful footage and video xxx"

"Nice Friday morning tear jerker. Gonna go to work with a puffy face now. Outstandingly beautiful."

"OMG Lisa. I agree with everyone else it made me get goosebumps and teary eyed!! What a beautiful wedding Lisa and Andrew!! Such an amazing job with the videography"

"That was so amazing to watch!!!! Had tears in my eyes the whole time!!!! Beautiful x"

"Wow that made me all teary eyed so so beautiful! You two are just so perfect together so happy for you both X"

"Wow is all I can say, I cried almost whole way through. What an amazing video"

"This is the most beautiful thing I've ever watched! Congratulations to you both"

"Thanks for tissues warning..bawled..what an amazing video..of what look like an epic wedding with a beautiful bride & a hot husband ..wishing you both awesome adventures in your marriage & future"

"Omg I'm bawling  So beautiful!"

"This is beautiful guys!!!!!! How good is binh trinh we also used him! Such an awesome thing to have to look back on..."

"This is one very special video. Absolutely love it. A treasured memory forever. Binh Trinh your incredible skill in capturing this very special day is truely amazing. Thank you so much from the mother of the bride